Monday, August 4, 2014

Florida's Rapids Water Park for Toddlers

So I was impressed when I went to Rapids Water Park in Florida.  Growing up I always heard my father complaining when the thought came up to go any place where you had many people in one centralized pool of water.

I got the pleasure of going to the Rapids Water Park in July and I must say I was impressed.  The crowd was comfortable and lines were only long in one or two of the major rides.  The park seemed pretty clean.

The most delightful part was that my three year old got to ride on most of the little and average side rides.  I was afraid he would not because of his lack of swimming and his height  But he did end up enjoying it.  His height at 3 and half years old was just a hair above 40 inches but not quite 42.   So for his height and his level of fear he was one happy camper.

Here are the rides for anyone looking to know what rides might be good for their little ones:

1. Body Blasters   36"requirement
Just make sure you watch that blue one. It tends to be a fast one for the little ones.  My little one came out saying he liked it but would not want to do it again.

Lets just say that is his little man side saying yea that was scary as hell!!! 

2. Old Yeller  36"requirement
This one was a high light for him. Although it did take him a while to get comfortable since we started with the Blue Body Blaster slide and that had him a bit on the nervous side.

Great thing is you always have lifeguards waiting at the pools that are only about 3 feet deep.

3.  Splash Hill 36"requirement
This was his one of the favorites.
These are great because since they don't end at a pool a small one can go on them with no fear of the pool and lack of perfect swimming.

On the blue and green slides you are allow to slide down with them.. so these made him really happy.

4. Splash Hills Large Slides 36"requirement

These were his super favorite.

5.  Splish Splash Lagoon   (No height Requirement)

This one was in the fun baby zone section.
This park made is so easy to accommodated
for the little ages.

6.  Tadpool  (Babies)!!!
Of course you had the area perfect for all toddlers and babies.

My three year old found this after all the bigger rides so he seemed a bit bored but he had his 15 minutes of fun nonetheless.

Overall there are so many more rides geared for the older kids and crowds.  But I figured I  would write about the little ones since every parent dealing with kids of different ages always has the same question.  Will my little one enjoy it?  And in this park if your three year old is 40", the answer is yes.!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ichetucknee, Florida's Hidden Treasure

The Memorial weekend 2011 we loaded the kids in the car and headed 5 hours north from South Florida to Jacksonville. Then we drove west about 2 hours more to visit the beautiful hidden place known as Ichetucknee Springs State Park.

The crystalline Ichetucknee River runs about six miles through gorgeaous natures wetlands before meeting up with Santa Fe River. In 1972, Ichetucknee became a National Natural Landmark. The park is a hidden secret for its location but its worth a trip to see one of Florida's wonders. Highlights of the park are as follows:

1. The Head Spring is the nature like pool area where swimmers can take a dip and enjoy the shallow as well as deeper area. The water average to be about 72 degrees and may seems cold to some as it may be just perfect for others. Keep in mind the cool climate of the water is what makes this a paradise for humans. If waters were to be any warmer this would make the water a inviting breeding ground for alligators and snakes as all other water areas are in Florida. So I would say, BRING IN THE COLD BABY!!!

2. For those seeking a bit colder water and some deeper waters you also have the Blue Hold. A half-mile walk through the Ichetucknee forest and cypress flood plain leads to Blue Hole Spring, the largest spring in the park. The bottom of the hole opening is at a 30 foot depth. The walk to get to the Blue Hole is beautifully relaxing.

3. Visitors can also enjoy tubing the crystal clear waters. Its roughly a 2 -3 hour ride and its full of natures splendors. Thousands of people visit the river and springs each year. Common ways to take the ride are tubing, canoeing or kayaking. Its nice to stop and take dips in different areas for a refreshing cool down.

4. The park is great for camping and picnics. Basically prepare for a day to be completely surround by natural beauty.

For more information and direction go to: Florida State Park Site